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Hispanic Heritage

Learn about Influential Hispanic and Latino-Americans

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September 15-October 15

is Hispanic Heritage Month!

Web Resources

Famous Firsts by Latin Americans

Mrs. G:  A bulleted list of famous firsts, organized by Government, Military, Science/Medicine, Arts, etc.  Many names hyper-linked to a short biography.


Time Magazine's 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America

Mrs. G:  Click on a person's name to read a short biographical article.  Note:  articles are available in both English and Spanish!


11 Latino Contributions to US History 

Mrs. G:  Slideshow that illustrates contributions to US culture; some individuals are named, others are general contributions.

Hispanic Contributions Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. G:  Links to a website designed to educate & inspire young Hispanic Americans.  Short essay about contributions in various aspects of society with many individual names bolded.


Latin Amerincan Influence in the USA:  Music and Film

Mrs. G:  Short list of current/recent music and film stars with Latin heritage.  Some names are hyper-linked to pages with further information.


Seven Latinos Who Have Made Outstanding Cultural Contributions (NCLR)

Mrs. G:  Highlights achievements by seven Latino Americans in areas of art, literature, entertainment, and food.


Meet Famous Latinos (Scholastic)

Mrs. G:  Although clearly intended for middle-grade readers, this site links to good, brief articles about six famous Latinos.  Some link to additional interviews or other media resources.


Latinos in History (Scholastic)

Mrs. G:  Choose to explore famous Latinos from three time periods:  Born before 1900, Born 1901-1949, and Born 1950 and After.  (Intended for younger readers, but good basic information.)

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