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CRHS_FACS Foods Career Search_O'Donnell: Job/Career Resources

Learn About Careers: MNCIS

MNCIS is a web-based career information service that District 11 has subscribed to for many years (soon to be replaced by Naviance).  All CRHS students use the same username and password to access this service:  User:  crhs      PW:  cardinal

Learn About Careers: Career One-Stop

CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.  Use tools here to get information about careers as well as to see statistics about trends in occupations in the US.

"Google" It!

Try searching the web for information related to your chosen career.  Try combinations of words that get you the results you want, such as  FDA inspector salary minneapolis  or chef training or restaurant mananger job descriptionRemember to examine the results of your web search for credibility!

Learn About Careers: Naviance "Family Connection" Website

"Naviance" is a web-based service that District 11 subscribes to in order to provide students with tools to prepare for their futures.  You can navigate to the "Family Connection" website by clicking on the Naviance icon above, or go to

Naviance Login Help