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BHS_LMC HOME PAGE: What Do I Read Next?


Novelist is a program that has many features to help a user decide what to read next.  Premade list are avaialble on the lefthand side of the screen.  Another option is for users enter an author or a title or a series in the search box of a book the user has enjoyed.  When the results list comes back look for the previously enjoyed title.  Near the bottom of the entry look for the Title Read-Alikes, Author Read-Alikes and Seriers Read-Alikes. Click on one or all of those for suggested titles. 


Book Spot

Find your next great read.  Click the icon to open the program.

What Should I Read Next?

Fiction Connection

Fiction Connection is a helpful tool for suggestions on what to read next.  Fiction Connection is provided by Hennepin County Library so users will need to enter their Hennepin County Library card barcode number to gain access.  The link below goes to the Hennepin County Database page.  Click on Fiction Connection and then enter your barcode number.

Good Reads

Some readers will find Good Reads to be a helpful site.  The tool can be used without creating an account.  Poke around and see if it works for you.