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JMS_ELA_7_OpposingViewpointsProject: Project Steps

Step One

Choose a debatable topic from Opposing Viewpoints in Context or SIRS Issues Researcher.

There are many topics to choose from, so make sure to choose a topic appropriate for a middle school audience.


View a short video on the two databases.

Step Two

Research and find two articles with opposing opinions on the same topic. 

Step Three

Read and annotate the two articles to make sure you understand the argument each author is making.

For this part, copy and paste the articles into your Google Docs account and share them with everyone in your group so you can collaborate on annotations.

Step Four

  • Write scripts for TWO radio commercials, each one promoting and publicizing a side of the issue. You will need to turn in your scripts!  Create in Google Docs--again shared with the group.
  • Make sure to use information, statistics, and quotes from the articles to make a strong argument for that point of view!
  • Each radio commercial will need to be between 60-90 seconds. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but you will be able to fit a lot of information into each commercial.

Step Five

Practice your commercial and record your radio commercial using the Garageband program on the laptops. Everyone in your group needs a speaking part in at least one of the commercials!

***You will be saving the Garageband projects to your student server folder, not Google Docs***

Since the Garageband files are saved to your student network folder, you will not be able to access them from home. But you could record outside of school if you have Garageband on a device.

View a Basic Garageband How to Video

Step Six

The final products that you will "turn in" are:

  • Annotated Articles - One pro, one con (two total)

  • Commercial Scripts - One pro, one con (two total)

  • Recorded Commercials -  one pro, one con (two total)

*All items are in Google Docs and shared with the teacher.