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Inventions are all around you. Think of the sayings we use like “that’s the best thing since sliced bread” or “Let’s not re-invent the wheel”. If you think about it, you couldn’t go a single minute in your life without using or benefiting from an invention. Think of all the inventions around you in this room right now…Windows, Doors, Furniture and even the invention that keeps this room cool or warm.

Only some inventions are legendary while others are either forgotten or obscure. The common denominator is this…Every invention was created by a PERSON who saw a problem or opportunity to create or find a solution to something better than it was before.


Evaluate Your Sources Critically!

Be especially careful to consider the AUTHORITY and BIAS of sources related to your information searches. 

Determine the author or supporting organization of the information.  If a website (especially a scholarship website) is a ".com" site, consider how the website is making money.  

The Big6

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