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The 1917 Winnipeg - St. Paul Dogsled Race

In the early 1900's, a rail connection between Manitoba and St. Paul was used to bring grain to the mills in Minneapolis.  The railway, which went right through Baldwin Township in Minnesota, also happened to be the route of the 1917 St. Paul Winter Carnival dog sled race.  What can you learn from reading  excerpts of local newspaper reports from that time?  Did Disney get it right...or wrong?

1917 Winnepeg - St. Paul Dogsled Race


When you chose your trait for Will Stoneman, did the word Hapless cross your mind? Read more on the link below.

Hapless Hero: Fredrick S Hartman and the Winnipeg to St. Paul Dog Race.

U.S.A. and World War 1 Draft Registration Cards

Not everything was fun and games for young men living in the United State in 1917... Read more below.  After the web page opens you may need to scroll down to the About section.

About World War 1 Draft Registration Cards


Iron Will Reflects True Story of Troy Native

The name Iron Will has a real ring to it, right?  How about Iron Fred?  Does Iron Fred do anything for you? A newspaper reporter from the "real" Iron Will's hometown of Troy feels that while the name Iron Fred isn't as interesting as Iron Will, Fred's story is just as you agree? Read the linked article below and make a decision.

Iron Will Reflects True Story of Troy Native.

1917 St. Paul Winter Carnival Images

Before we viewed the film, you may have had an opportunity to view some of the photgraphs from the 1917 St. Paul Winter Carnival.  What exactly is happening in these photos?  Click the link below to view the images.

1917 St. Paul Winter Carnival Images

What questions do you have about the St. Paul Winter Carnival?  Explore them now and record information on your KWLN chart.

St. Paul Winter Carnival

What happened to Will?

Did you wonder what happened to Will after the race?  Did he go to college like his father wanted him to?  Did things get more serious with Becky?  You will be surprised to find out what happened. Click below to get answers to your questions.

Fred Hartman