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CPHS_English 11 - Argumentation Essay: 1. Define Task - Assignment Overview

Step #1 - Define Your Task

1. Task Definition
1.1 Define the information problem
1.2 Identify information needed (to solve the information problem)
o What is my current task?
o What are some topics or questions I need to answer?
o What information will I need?

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Handout created by: Barbara J. Shoemaker, School Media Specialist, Mill Road Elementary, K-2  Red Hook Central School District, Red Hook, NY


Think of a specific significant change that should occur within American Society.

Start with these phrases:

      ● It really annoys me when __________

      ● I really wish America did this __________ instead of this __________

      ● I really wish we could stop talking about __________ and focus on __________

● Police Reform       ● Required Classes       ● 4-Day School Weeks       ● Gender Neutral Bathrooms                            

● Decriminalizing Drug Use       ● Universal WiFi          ● Better Public Transportation       ● Drop 9th Grade from GPA  

● Parental Leave       ● College Education Costs       ● 2-Party Political System     ● Others?