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RMS - LMC Home: Science 7 - Biomes Project

Starting point for our Library Media Center


Blue Planet Biomes


"Blue Planet Biomes - World Biomes." Blue Planet Biomes - World Biomes. Web. 24 May 2016.

Food Webs of Biomes


"World Builders: Introduction to Biomes -- Viau." World Builders: Introduction to Biomes -- Viau. Web. 24 May 2016.

Mission Biomes - Information about select biomes from NASA


"Mission: Biomes." Mission: Biomes. Web. 24 May 2016.

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Keyword Search Tips

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Taiga = Boreal Forest

Rainforest = Jungle

Grassland = Meadow = Savannah = Prairie

Tundra = Polar

Alpine = Mountain

Chaparral = Scrubland

Freshwater = Lake = Stream = Pond

Oceanic = Coral Reef = Salt Water 

Forests = Deciduous Forest = Coniferous Forest

Desert = Scrubland = Arid

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