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OVMS_6th Grade Persuasion Paper: Home

Some helpful ideas for choosing a topic and writing your paper.

Big6 Websites

Persuasion Papers

This guide to writing a persuasion paper will be organized by the

                       Big 6 Research Process.

Follow the steps to help you create a great research paper.

Six Step Research Process (Big6)

1. Task Definition
         Define the problem/Select a topic/Know your assignment

2. Information Seeking Strategies
         Determine all possible sources (brainstorm)

3. Location and Access
         Find information within sources (books, magazines, databases, websites)

4. Use of Information
      Evaluate the information

5. Synthesis
 Integrate information into your assignment.
      Cite your sources

6. Evaluation
      Judge the product (effectiveness)
      Judge the process (efficiency)

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