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Your Capstone Research Project is about to begin.  There are many places you could go for information: web, newspapers, audio files, interviews, books, magazines, primary sources, and journals to name a few.  This guide focuses on databases and specifically Gale databases. 

The Gale databases contain: reference material, audio files, academic journals, magazines, images, primary sources, and newspaper articles.  Gale has added a Google Docs link that we want you to use with your Capstone Project.  Below you will find a short video providing a general overview of how the databases work and the Google Doc connection. The Gale databases will be linked in a separate box.


Video Overview of Gale Databases 9 minutes

Gale Databsases

The llinks below are listed alphabetically.  Some databases will provide better results than others. It really depends upon your research question and the focus of the database.  Try at least two of the databases below.  Please see Mr. Peterson in the LMC if you don't get any results back. Start by choosing either Resources in Context or Student Resources in Context.