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Mr. Arrowsmith's Assignment


Decades Project


Objective: Learn about various aspects of American culture and politics between...

















Group Members











  1. Choose 1 aspect of the era to research and report on in each box.





Aspect of the era to research and report on



Fashion/Clothing/Hairstyles (men and women)















Aspect of the era to research and report on



Values and Culture (what was important, slang, etc.)



Politics and Conflicts



People, Groups, or Leaders



Inventions, technology




  1. You MUST provide your classmates an overall idea of what happened during that decade and what it was like to live during that time period.


  1. After researching the topics above, you will need to compile your information into some kind of presentation for the other students in class.


Project requirements:


  1. Each piece of your research MUST contain at least 3 different sources. You can use (websites, books, interviews) for researching the decade.


Presentation Aspect of Project


  1. Create a presentation, movie, magazine, newsletter, brochure, website… or your better idea)
  2. You will include all eight of the categories above in your presentation. 
  3. Type your sources at the end of each of your aspects. (You will have 6 total)
  4. Have fun and be creative!




 Research and Data (must use at least 3 sources to answer the questions below)


  1. Fashion
    1. What type of clothing was popular during that time period?
    2. Popular accessories?
    3. Popular hairstyles?
    4. Make sure to illustrate difference between Men and Women and also social classes


  1. Music
    1. What type of music was popular during that time period?
    2. What musicians were popular?
    3. Try to find specific examples that could be listened to in class


  1. Entertainment/Recreation/Leisure
    1. What venue was used for entertainment? (movies, music, television, sports, etc)
    2. Popular activities (dances, games)
    3. Any popular movie stars, sports figure


  1. Food
    1. What was the American diet like? 
    2. Popular restaurants and/or meals? 
    3. Usually cook at home or dine out?


  1. Politics and Conflicts
    1. Who were the presidents during the decade?
    2. Any political scandals?
    3. Any wars?


  1. Values/Culture
    1. What was important to the American people during that time period?
    2. How did they view women?  People of color?
    3. Were there any movements or revolutions during that time period?
    4. Were there any popular sayings or slang?


  1. People, Groups, or Leaders
    1. Who were the influential people of this era?
    2. What groups were influential during this era?
    3. Who were leaders during this era and what did they do?


  1. Inventions/Technology
    1. Were there any important/influential inventions that came out of your decade?
    2. How did the inventions impact the American people? 
    3. How did the inventions impact the World?


    • Describe the competing views about the role of government in American life since.
    • Explain how the United States involvement in world affairs after the Cold War continues to affect modern foreign policy.
              Analyze the impact of twenty-first century technological innovations on society.

Evaluate the United States' global economic connections and interdependence with other countries.