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Andhs_The Energy Campaign 2021: Organize it!

Science 9 Energy Campaign

What the team needs to include

When presenting for the caucus you should have the following prepared:

  • A slide with the important information about your energy source with highlights from each of the 6 required pieces of information outline above.  This slide should stand out from the presentation - in the past, it has been a handout in the form of a pamphlet. 
  • A 5-minute presentation with a visual aid (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. on Flipgrid)
    • Do NOT read off of it…. It is meant to enhance what you are telling the audience. Less writing, more pictures, diagrams, graphs, etc...
    • I recommend having note cards with your main ideas/outline of talking points
    • Practice and time yourselves… Are you being persuasive?
  • You will be expected to ask a question to each energy source. On the flip side, you will need to provide a detailed answer to each of the questions you are asked about your energy source.

*** Note- your last slide should have your work cited listed. You do not have much time and have a lot of work to do to make this campaign a success, so you had better get started!  Good luck!


Video on how this campaign works

presentation ideas