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CPHS_IB Social Studies 12 - Historical Investigation: Topic Ideas

The purpose of this guide is to provide IB Social Studies students assistance with their research project. Standards Met:,,

Topic Area Ideas

Click here to view a slideshow on "Topic Area for Historical Investigation Projects": 


Previous History IA Research Questions

European History

  • Previous Hitler Questions may be used!

  • To what extent was can Napolean and his policies be considered enlightened from 1799-1815?

  • What challenges faced infantry soldiers in the battle of the Somme in 1917 and for what reasons did the Allies succeed?

WW1 in the Middle East & the Mandate System

  • In what ways did the British mandate impact the Palestinian people from 1922 to 1939?

  • To what extent was British and French policies toward the Arab population during World War One self serving?

Ataturk & Reza Shah

  • To what extent did Ataturk achieve his goals for Turkish social reform in Turkey from 1923-1938

  • In what ways and with what results were the Kurds suppresed under Ataturk in Turkey from 1923-1938?

Arab Israeli Conflict

  • What were the reasons for and impact of Superpower involvement in the 1973 Arab Israeli War?

  • What non-violent methods did Palestinians use in the Intifada Uprising and what impact did this have on Israeli military and government reaction from 1987-1993.

  • What are the circumstances and theories surrounding the death of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat?

  • Was the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty a deliberate Israeli attack or one of mistaken identify?

  • To what extent is the Israeli government and military responsible for the massacre at Sabra Shatila Massacre in 1982  


  • In what ways was the CIA involved in the planning and operation of the 1953 Iranian Coup known as Operation Ajax?

  • To what extent were women’s right modernized through the Pahlavi Dynasty?

  • Why did the U.S. Operation Eagle Claw fail in its mission to rescue American hostages in Iran in 1979?

  • To what extent was the 1979 Iranian revolution based on religious motives?  

  • What were the circumstances and results of U.S. involvement in the Iran Iraq War?


  • How did the social policies put into place under Gamal Nasser’s regime impact women?

  • To what extent did Anwar Sadat of Egypt use foreign policy and the War of 1973 to obtain peace between Israel and Egypt in 1979?


  • How did the U.S. government track and capture Khalid Shaek Mohammed?

  • What tactics were used to interrogate Khalid Shaek Mohammed and to what extent were these tactics successful in extracting intelligence for U.S. personnel in the War on Terror?

  • To what extent were U.S. government reasons for going to War in Iraq in 2003 valid?

  • What were the origins and impact of the Iraqi insurgency within the Iraq war from 2003-2006?