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CRHS_AVID Career&College Research 9_Appel: 6. Evaluation

Evaluate Your Work and Process


Ask, "Is the task completed?  How can I do things better?"

  • assess your product for completeness, strengths, and weaknesses
  • assess your research process for strengths and weaknesses


Grading Rubric for this Project


Points    Element Description


(10 pts. ea)

Content Content includes sufficient, detailed information for each of the three careers.
10       Organization Presentation is logically organized and easy to follow, and presenter lays out plan for speech in introduction
5    Formality       Speaker uses knowledge of audience to ensure appropriate level of formality in speech
5 Delivery 

Speaker uses the elements of effective speaking to clearly communicate information to an identified audience

  • fluency and clarity
  • vocal variety
  • non-verbal communication