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BHS_Research 10th Grade English: Home


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This assignment gives you the chance to explore a topic related to the book you have been reading with your group for AP English, and to teach about it to your class.  Begin your process by asking "What do I already know?  What do I want to find out?"

Source Credibility and Website Evaluation

When you are searching on your own, once you find a potential website, to help you with your research, you need to evaluate the quality of the website and the material it contains. There are six questions that you should ask yourself. Use the acronym, RADCAB, to help you evaluate the quality of a website.

If you want more information about the WEBSITE EVALUATION, check out the RADCAB website:

Big 6

Subject Guide

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Ronnie Van Iperen

What are Scholarly articles?

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Scholarly Journals are journals which are respected for the research and information they provide about the topic they cover. They are written by and for people who have experience in a discipline or field. The research is often (refereed) meaning that it is reviewed by other researchers who are knowledgeable about the topic of the article. They usually have a more serious look than most popular magazines and contain graphs and charts but do not usually have many pictures.


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