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CPHS_APUSH - Decades Project: Websites

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Useful Websites for Decades Research

Here are some websites that might be helpful for your Decades Research Project:

(The infoplease website gives you a year by year look at significant United States and world history events, economics, sports, entertainment, science, etc.of each year.)

 (Picturing the Century is a great website to go to look for famous photos from a particular era. These photos come from the National Archive. Click the "galleries" tab on the left.)

 (On the home page of the About Education website, click on your decade and then on the timeline for that decade. You will then be given a year by year list of significant events, people, and fads of that year.)

-  You can also find many excellent websites by going to DESTINY (our online catalog) and clicking on WebPath ExpressYou can search broadly by decade ("sixties," "1960's," "60's") or more specifically ("music of the 1960's" or "the Beatles" or "John Lennon) and so on. Click here to get to WebPath Express:


Source Credibility and Website Evaluation

When you are searching on your own, once you find a potential website, to help you with your research, you need to evaluate the quality of the website and the material it contains. There are six questions that you should ask yourself. Use the acronym, RADCAB, to help you evaluate the quality of a website.

If you want more information about the WEBSITE EVALUATION, check out the RADCAB website: