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CPHS_APUSH - Decades Project: Books and Music

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Print Resources for the Decades Research Project

CPHS has approximately 39,000 print resources. Books are definitely the best resources for the DECADES projects.

Most of the books on your research topics have been pulled and are on carts.  For the books that look at a decade in general, check either the INDEX at the back of the book or the TABLE OF CONTENTS at the beginning of the book to find the page numbers where information on your specific topic can be found.

You can also consult our online catalog, DESTINY, both in school and from home, to find out if we have materials on your topic. Read the descriptions of each resource. If a resource looks like it has potential, write down the Dewey number of the book. Many of our DECADES books are located in the 917.3 and 973.9 sections but can be found throughout the non-fiction section. These books are located downstairs in the LMC. Check the numbers on the ends and front of each shelf.

Click here to go to DESTINY:


Try searching using some key words related to your research question. Click "subject" or "keyword." Search broadly. For instance, we may not have a book on the genocide in Pakistan, but this topic might be included in a general book on Pakistan of genocide. Your search will yield a list of resources available on your topic.


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Music Resources

Music is an important aspect of your presentations. Note that in addition to having several books on the musics and musicians of each era, we also have a pretty extensive CD collection that you may use for your presentations. You can look up titles in Destiny and ask at the desk for title that you are interested in.