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CPHS_APUSH - Decades Project: Evaluate

Standards Met:,,

Mr. Darda's Rubric

Decade Presentation Honors Block Evaluation Form (Darda):

Requirements:                          (A)                          (B)                                           (C)                      (D)


In-depth, significant, topics discussed



Significant, topics discussed


Some topics insignificant, more explanation needed


Lack of effort, but attempt made




Presentation Format (Intro, purpose, preview, main topics, summary, clincher).

Followed presentation format

Part of presentation format not followed

Some of presentation format not followed

Presentation format not followed or done correctly


Very creative and original


More creativity needed

Little to no creativity

Class involvement






Plethora of visuals

Some topics missing visuals

More visuals needed or very hard to see

Few visuals


Awesome flow

Good flow

A bit Choppy



MAJOR EVENTS:____________________________________________________________

q  Is this event significant?

q  Is your summary of the event accurate, concise, clear, your own words?

q  How did this event impact the decade?

q  Do you have a picture/clip/artifact that illustrates this event?

MAJOR PEOPLE:_____________________________________________________________

q  Is this person significant?

q  Did you include all the presidents of the decade?

q  Is your summary of the event accurate, concise, clear, your own words?

q  How did this person impact the decade?

q  Do you have a picture/clip/artifact that illustrates this event?

SOCIAL & CULTURAL CHANGES:_____________________________________________ What did people do for fun?

q  What was the popular music, radio shows/movies/T.V. shows

q  What did most people dress like/fashion?

q  What were some common slang words?

q  Fads?

q  Popular foods/restaurants

q  How did the decade impact these changes in culture?

SCIENTIFIC & TECNOLOGY CHANGES:__________________________________________ What were some significant inventions?  How did they impact society?

q  What were some major scientific events (Space, Medicines…)?

q  Pictures/artifacts to enhance your presentation

GAIN & LOSS OF RIGHTS DURING THE DECADE:_________________________________ What groups of people lost and or gained rights during this decade?

q  Common groups in this category: Minority groups--women--African Americans--native Americans—Asians--homosexual, Veterans, youth…

q  Why did this gain or loss of rights occur?

q   Has this pattern continued in future decades? 

q  Pictures to enhance your presentation.

PRIMARY DOCUMENTS:_______________________________________________________

q  Speeches

q  War/protests/campaign Posters

q  Government documents

q  Other 

MUSIC VIDEOS:__________________________________________________________ Songs/Visuals from the decade that represent its culture and or events well

q  Appropriate visuals: Stills?  Moving images?

q  Explanation of?

MUSIC HISTORY_______________________________________________________________

q  Significant background on artist or genre

q  Explanation of how decade impacted music

q  Well Researched 

LITERATURE/POETRY:__________________________________________________________ Identify and explain popular American literature from your decade

q  What poets and poems represent the decade?


Things Done Well






















Things that could be improved


Name of student  

Voice fluctuation, eye contact, depth of info, organization, group work ethic







A Level

B Level 

C Level 

D Level 






























































-------------------------Decade Presentation Honors Block Evaluation Form (Larson)---------------------------


            Attention getter

Thesis (Purpose statement)



            Main Point #1

Main Point #2

Main Point #3

Main Point #4

Main Point #5

Music Video







            Restate Purpose

            Clincher / Conclude