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CRMS_Media Center: Research Process

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Big 6

Google Search Tips


RADCAB is a tool that students can use to evaluate websites and information.

Big6 at School

Completing an assignment for class

1. Task
Finding out that the task involves a two-page essay and realizing the key to success is using documented supporting evidence.

2. Information Seeking Strategies
Considering potential information sources and deciding that AH eResources newspaper and magazine artiles would work best.

3. Location and Access
Using AH eResouces to search for appropriate newspaper and magazine articles.

4. Use of Information
Reading what you find and typing notes into AH Apps, citing the sources.

5. Synthesis
Using AH Apps to create an outline, then drafting the essay.

6. Evaluation
Realizing your details are week in one of the two parts and that you should go back and find additional information.