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DMS_Research Course_Historical Biography_Rota: Step 1: Task Definition

Helpful tech tools

  • Use the Kidspiration template, to create your category plan. You need to come up with five questions in each of these categories:

    1. Early life
    2. Later life
    3. Connection to American Revolution

    Include the question "What is this person's contribution to the development of America's politcal culture?"

    Convert the Kidspiration template to the outline layout.

    You can download the free trial version at home:
  • NoodleQuest can help your narrow your topic.

Tech Tools

Inspiration - create a graphic organizer to identify the pieces of the project.

Step 1: Task definition

  • Read over the assignment from start to finish. The goal is to write a report.
  • Being successful means analyzing, organizing, and gathering information on a significant person in the American Revolution and communicating it in a clearly in a written format
  • The paper is the final product but it involves a process to get there. Understanding the process is key. 

     Tips for a good start:
  • Set a deadline for each step.
  • Think about the focus or topic. Is there a person you have always wanted to know more about?
  • Always take notes on your questions and ideas. What are you wondering about?
  • Build upon what you are already learning in class or maybe something you already are familar with.
  • Write down words that pop into your head. They will help you in your search for information.
  • Talk your ideas up with friends and family. Ask them what they think. They might give you a fresh perspective.

Recommended American revolution biographies

Adams, Abigail 

*Adams, John 

Adams, Samuel 

Allen, Ethan

Armistead, James 

Arnold, Benedict

Attucks, Crispus 

Boone, Daniel

Brant, Joseph 

Burgoyne, General John 

Clinton, Henry 

Cornwallis, General 

Darragh, John 

Darragh, Lydia 

Dawes, William

*Franklin, Ben 

Gage, Thomas 

Galvez, Bernardo de 

Grasse, Comte de

Hale, Nathan 

Hancock, John 

Henry, Patrick 

Howe, General William

Jay, John 

*Jefferson, Thomas

Jones, John Paul 

*King George III 

Knox, Henry

Kosciuszku, Thaddeus

Lafayette, Marquis de 

Lee, Richard Henry

Livingston, Robert

Luddington, Sybil 

Marion, Francis

Martin, Joseph 

*McCauley, Mary Hayes (Molly Pitcher)

North, Lord Fredrick 

Otis, James

Paine, Thomas

*Pitcher, Molly (McCauley, Mary Hayes)

Prescott, Samuel

Pulaski, Kazimerz (Casimir) 

Putnam, General Israel

*Revere, Paul 

*Ross, Betsy

Salem, Peter 

Salomon, Haym 

Samson, Deborah 

Sherman, Roger 

Slocumb, Mary

von Steuben, Baron Augustus 

Warren, Mercy Otis 

Washington, Martha 

Wheatly, Phyllis 

Wister, Sally

Wright, Patience 

Wright, Prudence 

Can you ???

 • Restate the assignment in your own words?

Are you ready for the next step?

Did you choose a significant person from the American Revolution?

  • If yes, move on to Step 2
  • If no, go back to Getting Started