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AHS_Iconic Image Research : 5.Synthesis Example: Article to Annotated Bib

Step 5: Synthesis


Article with highlights

From highlighted article to notes

Notes on Vietnam POW’s:

Source:  (in APA bibliography format)

Hay, J. (2004). Prisoners of War (POWs). In The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of The Vietnam War (Vol. 1, pp. 235-236). San Diego: Greenhaven Press. Retrieved October 9, 2014, from 

  • 760 Am. servicemen were taken prisoner of war (POW) by North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces
  • Received brutal treatment that violated the Geneva Convention requirements of 1949.
    • N. Vietnamese took the position that because there was no formal declaration of war that Am captives should be treated as criminal and “international gangsters”
    • POWs endured physical and psychological hardships:  beatings, torture, denial of medical treatment, prolonged isolation, forced confessions
    • However, many Am POWs showed remarkable courage and resilience while in captivity--devised ingenious communication codes, average age of POWs was older than the avg. serviceman.  Many were aviators who had undergone more advanced training.
  • From ‘64 to ‘69, POW were detained in several camps scattered throughout No. Vietnam, So. Vietnam and Laos.
  • ‘68 to ‘72 POWs moved to 13 camps in No. Vietnam (around city of Hanoi)
  • ‘70 to ‘72 POWs consolidated to 5 main camps
  • Terms of 1972 diplomatic agreement for the release of POWs called for them to be released in waves--most released during Feb-April 1973 (Operation Homecoming)
  • Total of 144 POWs are known to have died in captivity


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