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BHS_Cuisine Research FACS: Citing Your Sources

Your Responsibilities - Internet Images

If you use an image from the Internet in your project, you MUST give credit to the source ON THE SAME SCREEN where the image appears.  Underneath the image, add a textbox that says, "Image taken from http://www...."  See sample below:

Image taken from

Your Responsibilities - Content Information

When you use information from other sources in your project, you need to give proper credit to those sources.  Here at CRHS, we ask students to use MLA style documentation.

You have two basic responsibilities:

1.  In-text citations

Give the author (if there is one) or title (if no author is given) of the source in parentheses right after the information that comes from that source.

2.  Works Cited page

List all the sources you used in your project.  Entries must follow MLA style (use a citation engine like or to format the entries), and the entire list should be in alphabetical order.

Citation Machines and are "citation machines" that will help you create Works Cited page entries for all your sources in MLA style.  Create the citation online, then copy and paste it into your final Works Cited list.

Purdue OWL

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) from Purdue University is a great web-based source of information about how to cite information in academic projects.  Use the menus on the left side of your screen to choose a topic you want to learn about (try looking at the topic "MLA In-text Citations: The Basics" and "MLA Works Cited Page")

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