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JMS_LMC_Home_Page: Citation & Formatting Guide

Home page to the JMS LMC Libguide.


Formatting a paper and building a bibliography / references / works cited page can be confusing for students.  There are tools avaialble to make the job less confusing and stressful.  Take a look at the tools here to help you through the process.

Google Docs / A-Happs

Click the icon below to access Google Docs. 

Use your A-Happs email address and password to access. and password.

Citation Locator

When using other people's work (information, research, music, video, pictures) for your own project it is important to give credit to these sources. Most Jackson Middle School teachers use the APA format. If using a web site you will need to create a citation using EasyBib with is an add-on tool in Google Docs.  If using a database, the citation work has been done for you and is as easy as copy and paste. The Citation Locator will help you find database citations.

References / Bibliography / Works Cited Set Up

Creating a citiation for a source can be confusing (What information is needed? What order does the information go in?  What punctuation is needed and where?).  One type of source that many students access is database information (newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal articles, encyclopedia articles). One very nice feature of these databases is that most of them provide the citation at the end of the article.  Copy the citation and paste it into your Refernces/Bibliography/Works Cited list.  This short cut only works for database source materials.  Books, web pages, interviews, tweets, music, pictures, etc will need to go through an online citation tool (Bibme, EasyBib).


JMS movie on citations using Google Docs and add-on EasyBib

APA overview

The attached documents explain how the APA style is formated. A sample paper is included for a visual.


View a JMS video demonstrating Google Docs and add-on EasyBib

(Open a Google Doc, go to Add-Ons, select EasyBib.  Once you have added EasyBib it will be available anytime you open a new document just click on Add-Ons.)

Easybib is an online tool to assist with creating a bibliography (list of sources looked at, used, referenced, consulted, cited). 

NOTE:  The free version of Easybib linked below does not include the APA format. But APA format is available in the add-on tool in Google Docs--see video above.


Bibme is an online tool to assist with creating a bibliography/references page/works cited page (list of sources used for a project).  Bibme has templates for the formating styles (APA and MLA).  Bibme is free to use(Note: There are advertisements on the page).  Users can create a free account to store their bibliographies in. Click the graphic to launch.