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BHS_ RICHARDS_Disease Group Project: Getting Started

Disease Group Project

Disease Group Project


Student Names:  _____________________________________     Due Date______________









Topic   _____________________________________________________________



1.             Create a title and a sub-title. 

·         The sub-title should be eye catching and catch the interest of your audience.


2.             Bibliography

·         Web sites should be listed individually by using online tools. 

·         Do NOT list search engines such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, etc.

·         You can use sites like:

· (use Express and MLA format)

·   (Use MLA (free!)


3.             Community Resources

·         You must have three resources that, if a person has this disease, they can go to for more information.

·         You must include information from 1 of each of the following;

·   1 National, 1 State, and/or 1 local community

·   Be sure to include the following for each resource

·         The Organization name

·         Some way to contact them (ie. Website, Phone number, etc.)

·         A brief explanation of the services they provide


4.             Make sure the project is neat; spelling is correct, and the poster looks nice.


5.             Be original and creative with your poster presentation.

·         Detailed Content

·         Pictures

·         Creative Display


6.             Must be turned in and completed on the due date.  Points will be removed if you are not prepared.


7.             What was your overall effort for the group portion? 

·         Did you help with the research

·         Did you contribute to the design and layout of the project

·         Did you help to find community resources or famous people


8.             Were you knowledgeable in your project when asked questions by your instructor/classmates.




Disease Group Project


Listed below are the sub-topics for your project -


1.            Definition


2.            Types


3.            Trends and Statistics


4.            Contributing Factors and causes


5.            Symptoms


6.            Treatment


7.            Prognosis


8.            Community Resources


9.         Famous People who have/had this disease




List all of the references you used for your project and include the appropriate information for each.


                Name                                    Author                  Copyright                            Pages


1.            __________________________________________________________________


2.            __________________________________________________________________


3.            __________________________________________________________________


4.            __________________________________________________________________


5.            __________________________________________________________________