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BHS_ RICHARDS_Disease Group Project: Extra Directions

Extra Directions

Disease Unit Group Project-55 points                       

       Due Date______________

Topic: _____________________________________________________________

Student Names:  _____________________________________    ____________________________________

                                  _____________________________________    ____________________________________      


Disease Poster Project Directions: Your role, with your group, is to become the experts/educators of the assigned disease. Your task is to research your assigned disease, create an educational poster, and present it to the class.                            


From your research, your poster must include the following:


1. Create a title and a sub-title(2 points possible)

 *The sub-title should be eye catching and catch the interest of your audience.

2. Definition of the disease (2 points possible)

3. Types(2 points possible)

*If not applicable to your disease, mention this on your poster*

4. Trends and Statistics (2 points possible)

*How many people in the US have this disease? Is it increasing or decreasing? Any other interesting stats you find-include AT LEAST 2!

5. Causes and Contributing Factors (2 points possible)

*Something that is mainly or partly responsible for the disease’s development-include AT LEAST 2!

6. Symptoms (4 points possible)

*Include AT LEAST 4!

7. Treatment (2 points possible)

*Include AT LEAST 2!

8. Prognosis -what will happen to that person (2 points possible)

*If they are treated

*If they are not treated

9. Community Resources (9 points possible)

*You must include a total of 3 resources that if a person has this disease or knows someone with the disease, they can go to for more information.

*You must include: 1 National, 1 State, and 1 local community

*Be sure to include the following for each resource:

*Name of organization

*Some way to contact them (Website, Phone number, etc.)

*A brief explanation of the services they provide

10. Famous Person or People who have/had this disease (2 points possible)

*Include 1 photo of the person

11. Works Cited Page (5 points possible)

*May use to create a MLA formatted works cited page

*DO NOT just copy and paste website URLs!


Other thing to Consider:

*Make sure the project is neat and free of smudges

*The spelling is correct, and it can be read from a distance (you are presenting this to your class!)

*Pictures are a great addition to an effective poster! But choose graphs and photos wisely.

Be prepared to be asked questions by your instructor/classmates about your disease.