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BHS_ RICHARDS_Disease Group Project: Grading


Disease Group Project: Grading Sheet/Checklist – (55 Pts.)


Topic: _____________________________________________________

Group Members: 

A                                                                                                                                                /55

B                                                                                                                                                /55

C                                                                                                                                                /55

D                                                                                                                                                /55

Research Days/Prep-Work (2 points possible) 


Stayed on task during IMC days____1pt. Poster Prep days___1pt.   A___B___C___D___


Poster Points:

1.                  Create a title and a sub-title(2 points possible) ___________

2.                  Definition of the disease (2 points possible) ____________

3.                  Types(2 points possible) ____________

4.                  Trends and Statistics (2 points possible) ___________

5.                  Causes and Contributing Factors (2 points possible) ____________

6.                  Symptoms (4 points possible)__________

7.                  Treatment (2 points possible)__________

8.                  Prognosis (2 points possible)

·        If they are treated ______

·        If they are not treated _______

9.                  Community Resources (9 points possible)

·        National: Name____ Contact ____Explanation____

·        State: Name___ Contact___ Explanation___

·        Local: Name____ Contact____ Explanation___

10.             Famous Person or People who have/had this disease (2 points possible) __________

11.             Works Cited Page (5 points possible) _________

Presentation Points:

o   Project was on time (2 points possible) _____________

o   Poster was easy to read (large font, easy to see colors, good quality photos) (4 points possible) __________

o   All members spoke equally/fair share of prep work/presentation (5 points possible) A___B___C___D___

o   Does not read directly off of poster/notes prepared (4 points possible)


o   Clarity of voice/knowledge of topic/confidence while presenting (4 points possible)