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CPHS_IB Math - Research Project: SL Overview

Standards Met:,,

ASSIGNMENT - IB12 SL Math Research Project

Here is the link to the IB12 SL Math Research Project. It includes a description of the assignment and its requirements, as well as detailed information about how the project will be assessed. 

IB Math Analysis SL 12 Internal Assessment Deadlines

Key Dates:

  • Topic Selection (5 points)

    • DUE by Monday, October 5th  

    • Fill out the “Math Exploration Topic” sheet

    • Add your topic to the Google Sheet of all students’ topics for Ms. Polchow’s classes.

  • Rough Draft of the Math (15 points)

    • DUE by Monday, October 19th 

    • This part may be electronic or hand-written.  Share this with me online.

    • I expect to see an almost final product of the math that you will incorporate into your paper.

      • Show the functions you found, show the probabilities you found, show the tree diagrams, show the graphs, show the data you collected, etc.

  • Rough Draft of Intro and Math Typed Up  (10 points)

    • DUE by Monday, November 2nd 

    • Must be typed & shared with me online.

    • For the intro, I expect to see the complete intro to your paper.  This should include the rationale for why you picked your topic, the aim or your paper, and any other information that will be useful for the reader such as explanations of your topic, background information, pictures, etc.

  • Rough Draft (10 points)

    • DUE by Monday, November 9th 

    • Must be typed and shared with me electronically.

    • This is your only chance to get specific feedback from me on your paper.

  • Completed Exploration  (150 points for the Exploration and 10 points for turning in all parts on time)

    • DUE by 7:40am Tuesday, November 24th

      • The final product must be typed & shared with me online.

      • You will also be submitting this to


  • The exploration (encompassing all parts above) is 20% of your Champlin Park grade as well as your IB score.

  • Each part must be turned in at the start of class that day.

  • If a part is turned in late (including to, there is a 10% reduction of the grade for that assignment for each school day it is not turned in.  (The exception is the final product which has its own category for timeliness.  For this category, it’s all 10 pts or nothing.)



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