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CPHS_IB Math - Research Project: Books

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Print Resources for the IB Math Research Project

For the books that look at a topic in general, like "math in the real world," check either the INDEX at the back of the book or the TABLE OF CONTENTS at the beginning of the book to find the page numbers where information on your specific topic (like "math and music") can be found.

You can also consult our online catalog, DESTINY, both in school and from home, to find out if we have materials on your topic.  Many of our MATH and SCIENCE books are located in the 500 section but can be found throughout the non-fiction collection. For instance, if you are studying the relationship between sports and math/physics (we have several books on this topic), these books can be found in the 796 section of the LMC. Search broadly. For instance, we may not have a book on the math and music, but this topic might be included in a general book on Math.

Click here to go to DESTINY:


Cite books as follows using APA format:

Last, F. M. (Year Published) Book Title. City, State: Publisher.

Frederick, Shane. (2012) Hockey: The Math of the Game. Mankato, Minnesota: Capstone Press.

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