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CPHS_IB Math - Research Project: SL Only - Turnitin

Standards Met:,,



You are going to turn in your research paper on turnitin. This is a website that checks your work for originality (no plagiarism). You will turn in the draft of your paper, get feedback, make changes, and then turn it in again.  

Directions for

1. Go to this website:

2. In the upper right, click on “create account.”

3. Scroll down a little bit, and under Create a New Account, click on “student.”

2nd Hour--26387488                     Password:  polchow  

5th Hour—26387519                     Password:  polchow


4. Enter in the rest of your information

          Use ANY email address (Use an e-mail address that you check on a regular basis!)

          Create ANY password for this website (Write it down or memorize it!) 

5. Click   

6. Congratulations, you’ve successfully entered your class!