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CPHS_Creative Writing - James. J. Hill House - Historical Fiction Assignment: Websites

This guide has been designed to help you through the research and writing processes for completing your Creative Writing II Historical Fiction assignment. Standards Met:,,,,,

Useful Websites for the James J. Hill Historical Fiction Assignment

The Minneota Historical Society website contains a wealth of information on James J. Hill. From the HOME page, search "James J. Hill."

This page from the Minnesota Historical Society contains information for the James J. Hill House. It includes in-depth information on the Hill family, the house itself, and the Hill family collections. It also includes additional resources. See the HISTORY tab near the top of the page.

James J. Hill

This biography of James J. Hill is part of a larger PBS piece on the history of the railroad in the United States.

This is the link to the James J. Hill Reference Library. In the ABOUT section under HISTORY, it discusses the history of the library, which was a gift from James J. Hill to the city of St. Paul.

This site looks at James J. Hill the "Empire Builder."

Cite websites using MLA style as follows:

Author’s Editor’s, or Compiler’s last name, First name. “Title of the Article, Poem, Song, Etc.” Name of the Website. Date of the latest update. Web. Access date. <URL>.

“James J. Hill.” Minnesota Historical Society . 2014. Web. 29 January 2014.  <>.



Google Scholar

Searching GOOGLE SCHOLAR may lead you to more details about the life of James J. Hill. For instance, when I did a "James J. Hill House" search, I found this book published by the Minnesota Historical Society.

When I searched "James J. Hill railroad entrepreneur," I found previews to two books including:

James J. Hill and the Opening of the Northwest

It gave me the first 76 pages of the book. This led me to wondering if I could get the entire book at Hennepin County Libraries. I found that Hennepin County Libraries have several books on James J. Hill! 

Click here to search GOOGLE SCHOLAR:

Source Credibility and Website Evaluation

When you are searching on your own, once you find a potential website, to help you with your research, you need to evaluate the quality of the website and the material it contains. There are six questions that you should ask yourself. Use the acronym, RADCAB, to help you evaluate the quality of a website.

If you want more information about the WEBSITE EVALUATION, check out the RADCAB website:

Mining Bibliographies

Note that research is a multi-layerd process. For instance, look at this reference article, "James Jerome Hill" found in the DISCOVERING COLLECTION database from GALE:

At the end of the article is an extensive list of resources that you can then refer to to find more information on your topic. For instance, the following books are referenced at the end of this article:

  • Bruchey, Stuart, ed. Memoirs of Three Railroad Pioneers. New York: Arno, 1981.
  • Holbrook, Stewart H. James JHill: A Great Life In Brief. New York: Knopf, 1955.
  • Kerr, Duncan JThe Story of the Great Northern Railway Company and James JHill. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1939.
  • Malone, Michael P. James JHill: Empire Builder of the Northwest. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma, 1996.
  • Martin, Albro. James JHill and the Opening of the Northwest. Minnesota Historical Society, 1991.

This leads to more resources that you might consult, and so on.

Here is a video from the University of Washington Libraries that talks about how to mine bibliographies when doing research. (Note that CitationLinker is referred to in the video. Here a link to CitationLinker from the U of M: .)

Note that you could also use the JSTOR database at the Hennepin County Libraries to look for articles mined from bibliographies: