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CPHS_Creative Writing - James. J. Hill House - Historical Fiction Assignment: Hennepin County Lib.

This guide has been designed to help you through the research and writing processes for completing your Creative Writing II Historical Fiction assignment. Standards Met:,,,,,

Hennepin County Libraries

Don't forget that as a citizen of Hennepun County, you have access to the many free resources found at HENNEPIN COUNTY LIBRARIES, as long as you have a Hennepin County library card. Click here to sign up online for a free Hennepin County library card:

Click here to go to the Hennepin County website:



One resource that might be especially useful to you is the JSTOR DATABASE. Here you can get free access to scholarly articles that you might otherwise have to pay for. Note that in order to use this DATABASE you will need a password, which is your library card barcode number. Click here to go to the Hennepin County Library DATABASE listing. Scroll down to JSTOR. Click. Type in your library card number.