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Astronomy Outline


                                                                                                                            Class outline                                                            




               I.     Birth of Modern Astronomy

                       A.   Historical Background

                             1.   early astronomy

                             2.   astrology

                       B.   The Night Sky

                             1.   predictability

                             2.   constellations

                             3.   ecliptic/zodiac


              II.     Astronomical Electromagnetic Evidence

                       A.   The Electromagnetic Wave

                             1.   telescopes/spectroscopy/visible spectrum

                             2.   the electromagnetic spectrum

                                   a.   radio waves to gamma waves

                             3.   the Doppler effect

                       B.   Astro Technology (Telescopes to Satellites)



             III.     The Stars

                       A.   Energy and the Stars

                       B.   The Anatomy of Stars

                       C.   Zoology of the Stars

                             1.   brightness

                             2.   distances

                             3.   Cepheid variables

                             4.   H-R diagrams

                             5.   life cycles

                                   a.   novas, neutron stars, pulsars, black holes

                       D.   Death of Stars


             IV.     Cosmology

                       A.   The Nature of the Cosmos

                             1.   Edwin Hubble

                             2.   birth of modern cosmology

                             3.   kinds of galaxies


                       B.   The Red Shift and Hubble’s Law

                       C.   The Big Bang

                             1.   structure of the universe

                             2.   evidence of the Big Bang

                       D.   Evolution of the Universe

                             1.   characteristics of an expanding universe

                             2.   dark matter

                             3.   dark matter and the beginning of time







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