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Project Information

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Research Project Tasks

Take some time to answer the following questions.  Use the Internet resources in this LibGuide to help you.  Have some fun with this project, but at the same time take it seriously.  Please type your answers in essay form.  Include a Works Cited page.

Dream Job    What is it?  What does it pay and what does it take to get that job?

Realistic Job       Outlook - Compensation and benefits - Requirements to get that job

Dream House      Where is it and why is it your dream?  How much is it and what would the payments be?

Realistic House      Where is it and what do you like about it?  How much is it and what would the payments be?

Dream Car      What is it and why is it your dream car?  How much is it?

Realistic Car      What is it, why is it your choice and how much does it cost?  What does it get for gas mileage?  What would the insurance cost?

Geography      Where do you want to live?  What is the population?  What is the median home value?  What is the median household income?  What is the educational level of the residents?  Include four other facts about the area (i.e., schools, higher education, hospitals, art/music opportunities, public transportation, weather)