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Project Introduction

Advances in our scientific knowledge have come from scientists living all over the world. 

Maybe in the future seventh grade students will be completing a Notable Scientist project on you. 

Go to the Assignment Sheet box to the get started.

Assignment Sheet

Click here Notable Scientist

Login with your A-H apps login and password

Go to File, Make Copy

Click title to rename with your name and your Notable Scientist's name.

*Check with your teacher: print paper? or share doc with teacher when done?


World Book Encyclopedia

World Book includes an excellent Biography section.  Start here using the directions below to identify a scientist. If the article does not provide enough information locate your scientist in the other provided links.

Click the World Book picture below to access World Book(AH databse password needed IF NOT in an AH building).

On the Search page scroll down to the Biography Center.

Click the RED More Biographies link.

Scroll down to Browse Biographies.

In the Area of Work/Interest select Scientist/Mathematician. Select a Gender if desired. Select a Nationality/Ethnicity if desired. Select a Time Period if desired. Click the RED Apply link. A results list will appear.  If few choices come back turn Time Period and Race/Ethnicity off.


Britannica School ENcyclopedia

Encyclopedia content for all grade levels plus multimedia, timelines, world atlas, country comparison, and primary sources.

Research in Context (middle school)

A middle school-appropriate database of reference works, biographies, magazine and journal articles, primary source documents, and multimedia. Includes Discovering Collection, Junior Reference Collection, and InfoTrac Junior Edition databases.

Information Links

If you do not have a scientist in mind, click on a few of the links and browse the scientists until you find a good match. Some of these web sites have advertisements.

Famous Scientists


World of Scientific Biography (links on left side)

Asian  American Scientist

Female Scientists (Enter a name or scientists)

People and Discoveries (PBS)

Famous Scientists some bios have more information than others

Notable Scientists (Fact Monster)  Includes Related Links to African American, Asian-American and Female scientists.

16 Women of Science

Biography Online (10 scientists)

Famous Scientists top 100 most popular scientists on the Famous Scientists website