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CPHS_Reading - Annotated Bibliography: 2. Use Information Seeking Strategies

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Project Template - Research

Click here to find the project template for Ms. Kennedy's assignment:

Project Source Types

Source Types

 RCB Theme/Issue Research and Annotated Bibliography Final Project


Choose a theme, current issue, or controversial issue.

Research [read] at least 5 different genres/sources about that topic.


·        Novel/short story – you may use the book that you read this trimester (required)

·        Different genres within fiction – historical, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.

·        Memoir

·        Primary source

·        Poem/song

·        Video clip

·        Movie 

·        Magazine

·        Newspaper/e-news

·        Interview

·        Peer-reviewed articles [EBSCO, GALE]

·        Internet articles [not “Wiki” ones]

·        Pamphlet/brochure

·        Other – check with me