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CRHS_Honors English 10 Debatable Topic Research_Team: 1. Your Assignment

Honors English 10 students should use this LibGuide as they work through the steps of researching a topic related to their nonfiction reading choice book

Understand your Responsibilities


Ask, "What's the task?  What types of information do I need?"

Think about the final product you will need to create, and consider what special requirements you need to follow! 



Click on the link below to see a sample research presentation slideshow.  You will need to log in to your AHApps account to view the file!

Task Details for Your Project

Honors English 10A Common Assignment: Research Presentation

This assignment requires you to integrate a variety of sources, from a variety of genres, into a multi-media presentation.

You must attribute both direct and indirect sources.


Contemporary life is marked by controversy. Choose a current local, national, or global societal issue. Then, using appropriate evidence, develop a multi-media presentation that objectively synthesizes opposing positions on the issue you are researching. For this assignment it is permissible to use both news and editorialized sources (e.g., Bill O’Reilly, Rachel Maddow, Greenpeace, NRA, etc.).

Consider using the following types of resources for your research:

●     interviews

●     news programs

●     newspapers

●     non-profit organizations

●     electronic databases

●     videos, photos, charts, graphs, editorial cartoons


Sample Topics:

●     The United States' involvement in world affairs.

●     Should kids play pee-wee football?

●     Should there be a universal high school curriculum?

●     Should college athletes receive compensation (beyond academic scholarships)?

●     Should students be held accountable at school for what happens on social networking websites?

●     Should the United States repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act?

●     Should assault weapons be banned from private ownership?


Presentation should …

●     Communicate how at least three different sources express the same affirmative view on an issue

○     (ex. Community Ed Workers, Government Officials, and Local Newspaper Journalist believe that kids should start playing football at age 3)

●     Communicate how at least three different sources express the same opposing view on the issue

○     (ex. Parents, High School Coaches, and Health Officials believe kids should start playing football at age 13)

●     Make effective use of visual presentation components

●     Cite credible sources following APA style guidelines