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CRHS_English 12 Vietnam War Research_Team: 1. Task Definition

Research pathways for English 12 students researching topics related to the Vietnam War and THE THINGS THEY CARRIED

Understand your Responsibilities


Ask, "What's the task?  What types of information do I need?"

Think about the final product you will need to create, and consider what special requirements you need to follow! 


Assignment Information Documents

Task Details for Your Project

Vietnam War Topic Research

12th Grade English

Choose one or two other people (no more than three to a group), select a topic from the list provided, and prepare a slide presentation to be presented.



_______Research Plan

_______References Page in APA format printed to hand to teacher

_______Evidence of note-taking organization (notecards, note sheets, highlighting, etc)

_______Google Slides Presentation with in-text citations (EVERY SLIDE MUST BE CITED)


Research Plan:

Fill out the Research Plan after the first day of research and decide which subtopics each partner will cover. Indicate the method for research and explain how you will organize your information.


References Page:

Turn in a reference page in APA format after the research in the LMC. This MUST be updated if you change any sources because all the in-text citations must match the sources on the reference page. No unused citations should be listed. This will include at least four credible sources with no more than half as websites (no personal web pages or blogs). Other sources include databases, (found on eResources) books, and personal interviews. Your group will not pass without an accurate references page.


Evidence of note-taking organization:

During the time in the lab preparing the Google Presentation, each student will meet with the teacher to show the research plan was followed before you begin creating your presentation (so keep your articles, notes, and anything else!). You must be checked off with your teacher before starting to create your presentation.


Google Presentation with in-text citations:

Each pair will prepare and present a 10-18 (depends on number of group members) slide Google Presentation, with each partner making and presenting his/her own 5-6 slides (adjust for more or less members of the group).  Each slide should follow the Rule of 6 (maximum of 6 bullets per slide, maximum of 6 words per bullet), be properly cited, and include pictures.