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CRHS_English 10 Holocaust Topic Research_Team: 3. Location and Access - Databases

A guide to helpful resources for English 10 students completing Holocaust-related topics during your study of Elie Wiesel's NIGHT.

Find Information


Ask, "Where is each source?  Where is the information in each source?"

  • Access appropriate information systems
  • Search for sources for information about your topic
  • Determine if each source is usable


Using the databases from home?

Passwords are needed off campus!

CQ Researcher database ONLY:

username:  anokaschools

password:  remote

ALL OTHER databases:

username:  anoka

password:  anokaremote

(Database) World History in Context

Type topic keyword(s) into the search box; click on article title--note that you can cite the article by clicking on "citation" on the right hand side or by scrolling down to the end of the article.  Off-campus log-in needed! 

Gale Student Resources in Context

Reference articles from American Decades. Periodical, newspaper articles form New York Tines, USA Today, etc. Primary sources. Multimedia records including charts, graphs, maps, and video.  Video and audio from NBC, NPR, and others. Off-campus log-in needed! 


World Book Student

Online encyclopedia. Articles and research tools for students in middle school. Back in time articles and special reports are included.  Off-campus log-in needed! 

EBSCO MAS Ultra - School Edition

Full-text magazine and reference book articles covering a wide-range of subjects including history, science, careers, biographies. Primary source documents. Includes Columbia Encyclopedia and CIA World Fact Book.  Image collection containing photos, maps and flags, and expanded full-text backflies (back to 1975) for key magazines. 

EBSCO MAS Ultra - School Edition
Limit Your Results

Having trouble logging in? Go to and use the links to this specific database. No username/password required.