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NMS_Victorian England/Charles Dickens: Home

Searching For Information

Where should you look for information about Victorian England and Charles Dickens?

Start with these sources:

  • Books (on cart in LMC or your classroom)

  • Encyclopedias (print--check out the Victorian Encyclopedia on the cart! or other online encyclopedias)

  • Websites bookmarked from your teachers on the LibGuide

  • Websites in Destiny Webpath Express

  • Public Library

  • Other websites

Search Words To Help

Try some of these search words and phrases to help narrow your search:

  • 19th Century England

  • 19th Century Great Britain

  • Great Britain Social Life and Customs 19th Century

  • Victorian Age or Victorian Era

  • British History 1815-1914

NMS Destiny

Go to NMS Destiny and click on Webpath Express to find detailed links already searched for your topic!

Victorian England/Charles Dickens