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CPHS_English 10 - World War II Resistance Movements: 3. Locate and Access Information - Websites


Search terms to try when looking for information on World War II resistance movements:

World War II - resistance movements

World II - French (or Dutch, or Jewish, or Lithuanian, etc.) resistance 

World War II - righteous gentiles

Oskar Schindler

World War II - Soviet partisans

Abba Kovner

World War II - women resistors

Violette Bushell Szabo

World War II - methods of resistance

Remember, you may not use WIKIPEDIA. Since, when you do a GOOGLE search, wikipedia tends to come up first, you will need to jump down to the third or fourth entries and start there.

At that point you will need to evaluate the credibility of the source.

1. Check out the ABOUT section of the website.

2. Look for .edu or .org in the web address.

3. Use the RADCAB acronym to help you decide if this is a credible website.

Source Credibility and Website Evaluation

When you are searching on your own, once you find a potential website, to help you with your research, you need to evaluate the quality of the website and the material it contains. There are six questions that you should ask yourself. Use the acronym, RADCAB, to help you evaluate the quality of a website.

If you want more information about the WEBSITE EVALUATION, check out the RADCAB website:

Citing Websites Using APA Style


Last, F. M. (Year, Month Date Published). Article title. Website Title. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from URL.


(2012). "8 Female Fighters of World War II." Mental_Floss. Retrieved January 14, 2015 from



Polish Resistance Movement - Warsaw Uprising 1944

General Resistance Resources

One excellent research skill is to MINE one source for information that will lead to other sources. For instance, you listen to the following video from, you will hear words like the Soviet Partisans, French Resistance, Abba Kovner, Lithuania, Righteous Gentiles, Oskar Schindler, and O.S.S. You can then do a search for information on these places, people, and movements.

WebPath Express

You can find many excellent websites by going to DESTINY (our online catalog) and clicking on WebPath ExpressFor example, if you are researching the Polish resistance in World War II, and search "World War II - Polish resistance" you get a listing of 221 juried websites that have been looked at by an editorial board and found to contain credible information. The same search on google yields 1,380,000 sites - too much information! The first website listed, for instance, is to Polish Resistance in World War II , which is a credible, .org, website. Click here to get to WebPath Express:

The Dutch Resistance and the OSS

8 Female Fighters of World War II

Brittish and French Resistance Movement - Behind Enemy Lines With Violette Szabo

Norwegian Resistance to Education Takeover by Nazis