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CPHS_English 10 - World War II Resistance Movements: 1. Define Task

Ms. McDonald's Assignment

English 10A

Historical Research

You will be doing Historical Research on one of the countries pertaining to the issue of the resistance or underground movement in Europe during World War II against the Axis powers.  You will:

  • Split up the topics so that each person in your group has a different sub-topic:

Norway Resistance                               Poland Resistance

Czechoslovakia Resistance                  Denmark Resistance

France Resistance                                The Netherlands Resistance 

Jewish Resistance                                The German Resistance  

United States Resistance                

  • Each person should find two credible and educational sources (NOT WIKI) for their topic.
  • Print out sources or take notes and write down citations.
  • Highlight and underline important information.
  • Put information together so you can share 2-3 minutes about your countries resistance in an outline to present to a group.
  • Put information together into a 2-3 minute outline to present to a group.  

Sample Outline

I. Introduction

   A. Attention Getter

   B. Purpose statement

   C. Preview of main points 

II. Body

    A. Main point #1

        1. Supporting detail 1

        2. Supporting detail 2

    B. Main Point #2

        1. Supporting detail 1

        2. Supporting detail 2

    C. Main Point #3

        1. Supporting detail 1

        2. Supporting detail 2 

III. Conclusion

     A. Summary of main points

     B. Restate Purpose