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CRHS_English 11 Editorial_Team: 3. Internet

Find Information


Ask, "Where is each source?  Where is the information in each source?"

  • Access appropriate information systems
  • Search for sources for information about your topic
  • Determine if each source is usable


Google Search Link

Google Web Search

Reminders about Websites for Academic Projects

Because your academic project calls for high-quality, credible sources, remember...

  • DO NOT use Wikipedia or other user-generated-content sites, where the authority of the author is not known.  (However, you can check out Wikipedia articles for links to high-quality websites!)
  • AVOID using blogs as sources, unless the author of the blog is clearly an expert in the field or otherwise well qualified to share information
  • AVOID using sources that are really advertisements for products.  Their reason for existence is to make money, not to provide unbiased information!

How to Use "Advanced Search" in Google

Google Search Tips