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CRHS_AVID Career Research_Appel: 2. Information Seeking Strategies

Strategies for your Search


Ask, "What are all the possible sources to check on my topic?  Which sources will have the best information?"

Remember that it is your responsibility to evaluate your sources carefully.

Finding Information

Ways to Learn about Careers:


  • Find websites about companies and careers.  Links to corporate websites and information about careers are located on the "3. Location and Access - Internet Resources" page.  However, you can also supplement your inquiry by searching for additional related Websites.  Remember to read the URL (Web address) of the site to get clues about the type of source you are visiting, and be aware of potential bias.
  • Remember that NAVIANCE has lots of information about careers, too!


  • Talk to someone with first-hand experience.  That is the main value of the Career Fair!  You will have a chance to speak to someone who has experience in the company or career you are interested in, and who can answer your questions.


  • What will be the next step for you?  Can you "shadow" someone for a day?  Can you get a part-time job related to the career you're interested in?  Can you arrange an internship or apprenticeship?