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CRHS_AVID Career Research_Appel: Website Evaluation Assignment

Evaluate & Compare


Assignment: Evaluate the credibility of the source on your company using RADCAB.  Explain in a well-constructed paragraph. 


1.       Find the article on the company you researched and interviewed last week

2.       Evaluate the article using the RADCAB criteria.

3.       Write a paragraph using evidence (either quotes and or specific details) to support at least 4 of the 6 RADCAB criteria

4.       Within the paragraph, answer these two additional questions:

a.       Under what circumstances would it be best to consult a company’s own website? 

b.      In what ways is the “other” source more or less credible/trustworthy/helpful than the company’s official site?  

Grading Checklist

·         Clearly and accurately explains reasoning for each the 4 elements of RADCAB chosen

·         References or quotes support from the text for at least 4 elements of RADCAB

·         Answers additional evaluation questions with insight

·         Language is used effectively

Corporate Websites

Evalute a Web-Based article NOT sponsored by the company itself!

3M  ("3M Delivers Once Again")

AMC Movie Theatres ("The Sneaky Way Movie Theaters are Making Up for Falling Ticket Sales")

Anoka County Corrections ("Program Helps Offenders Break the Cycle")

Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11 ("District 11 Works Through Anti-Bullying Recommendations")

Army ("Too Many Regulations Lead to Too Many Lies")

Aveda ("Do Aveda Products Live Up to Their Reputation for Purity?")

Bolder Options ("Minnesotan to Meet:  Darrell Thompson of Bolder Options")

Burger King ("Burger King Plans to Avoid Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Taxes")

Chick-Fil-A ("Chick-Fil-A's Raving Fans' Growth Strategy")

Children's Hospital  ("Young Ranger Beats Heart Problem")

Chipotle ("Chipotle Workers are Trained to Give You Smaller Portions of These 7 Ingredients")

Favorable Treats  ("Small Business Pitch from Favorable Treats Cookie Dough")

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  ("FAA's Air Traffic Chief Resigns...")

Ford Motor Company (Customer Reviews)

Hennepin Technical College ("Hennepin Tech Receives Grant for Fluid Power Engineering")

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Investigations ("Congress Must Stop Abusive IRS Tactics")

KSTP-TV ("'Gang Sign' Story Backfires on KSTP")

Latuff Brothers Auto Body (Better Business Bureau Report)

Marquette Asset Management  ("Keep Greed and Fear Out of Financial Planning")

Medtronic ("Oregon Researchers Find Questionable Science...")

Navy ("Why Navy SEALs Are Supposed to Keep Their Mouths Shut")

Target Corporation ("Shame on Target for Rescinding Job Offers")

Wells Fargo ("New Lawsuit Alleges That Wells Fargo Has a Manual for Mass Fabrication...")