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CPHS_English 12 - Annotated Bib - Citizen: 3. Access Information - Websites

Google Tips

You have to work for this, but you should get some good results if you follow the directions!


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  • Rankine citizen racism
  • Rankine citizen "book review" racism
  • site:edu Rankine citizen

Citing a Website in APA Style

Here is the template for citing a website in APA style:

Author. (Date published if available; n.d.--no date-- if not). Title of article. Title of web site . Retrieved date. From URL.

    • Separate each item of the citation with a period and two spaces
    • Use hanging indents following the first line
    • List entries alphabetically by author, if no author list the title first


Here is an example of an APA citation for a website:

Ganguly, M. (2014, October 14). Stopping the Small Hands of Slavery. Human Rights Watch. Retrieved October 14, 2014. From