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Webquest Instructions and Link

VIETNAM WEBQUEST                                


Directions: Type the links into the web address and then use the websites to answer the following questions.. Remember the links will be attached to each question so do not search for answers with different links.

Link 1:


1). After 1954 Vietnam was split into two sections. Who controlled each section?




2). Which European power was entangled in Vietnam before the United States?


3). Why did the United States get involved in Vietnam? What is the name of the theory that justified U.S entry into Vietnam?



Link 2:

4). Who is Ho Chi Minh? Where did he travel as young man and what affect did this have on his political ideology?


5). Ho Chi Minh quoted what American document when preaching for Vietnamese independence?



Link 3:

6). What happened at the Gulf of Tonkin (August 4th, 1964)?


7). What is the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? What did this resolution allow LBJ and Nixon to do?



Link 4:

Vietcong – South Vietnamese insurgent group who supported North Vietnam and fought against the U.S.

8). What kind of war did the Vietcong fight?  What’s that mean?


9). What made it hard for the U.S to combat the Vietcong?


10). What role did the Ho Chi Minh trail play in the Vietnam War? Where was the Ho Chi Minh Trail?


11). How did U.S military tactics differ from the Vietcong?



Link 5:

12). What is the Tet Offensive (January 30th, 1968)?


13). Militarily which side was the victor after the Tet Offensive?


14).  What did the Tet Offensive do to the mindset of the American public?



Link 6:

15).  After Nixon was elected he publicly proposed to do what about the War in Vietnam? What did he do in actuality?


16). What 2 countries, besides Vietnam, did the U.S military become involved in during the Vietnam War?


17). Nixon deployed a policy of Vietnamization (a policy to end the war in Vietnam by deescalating U.S involvement in the war). Based on questions 15 and 16 (and the website) did Nixon follow through on his Vietnamization policy?


Link 6:

18). What year was the highest deployment of U.S troops in Vietnam?


19).  Nixon took over as president in 1968. What happened to U.S troop levels after he took over as president?



Link 7: (Start reading under the header “The Draft”)


20). What was one major complaint college students had about the draft?


21). Who made up the largest group of ground troops in Vietnam? What contributed to such disproportionate amount of troops serving as ground troops in Vietnam?