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AndHS_Energy Campaign 2015-16: Organize it!

Organize and Present

(Big 6 is a process model of how people of all ages solve an information problem.)


Ask, "How can I organize all the information?  How can I present the result?"

  • Organize information in a clear, coherent manner
  • Present your information in ways appropriate to the task
  • Produce personally-designed products to communicate content


What the team needs to include

When presenting for the caucus teams should have the following prepared:

  • A one-page handout with the important information about your energy source (pamphlet or flyer) with highlights from each of the 6 required pieces of information outline above. 1 per person. # students in class:__________. Share with Ms. T. by _____________________ for her to make copies for us.
  • A 5-minute presentation with a visual aid (powerpoint, prezi, etc.)
    • Do NOT read off of it…. It is meant to enhance what you are telling the audience. Less writing, more pictures, diagrams, graphs etc
    • I recommend having note cards with your main ideas/outline of talking points
    • Practice as a group and time yourselves… Are you being persuasive?
  • There will be a short question and answer session after your team’s presentation

*** Note- your last slide should have everyone’s work cited listed

presentation ideas



Subject Guide

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