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Webquest Instructions and Link

MEMORY WEBQUEST                                


Directions: Use the website links here to answer the following questions on your worksheet. 

  1. Go to

Go through the slides of the sheep brain dissection and answer the following:


A.  What makes us remember?

B.  The cortex holds how much of a person’s 100 billion brain cells?

C.  What are these brain cells responsible for?

D.  What causes grey matter to be grey and the white matter to be white?

E.  What makes thought possible?

F.  What are the 3 main subdivision of memory, where are they located and what   do they do?

G.  What does “hippocampus” mean?


  1. Go to

A.  Playing Games with Memory

Complete games 1 and 2 (you need some scratch paper and maybe a partner to time you) …read through 3 & 4.  Write down at least 5 strategies that may help someone remember things better or longer.

B.  Droodles – go through all the droodles and try them … get to “What’s going on?”  Why is this difficult for most people and why are some easier than others?

C.  Common cents  - why do many people not pick the right coin?

D.  If You’re Going to Rob a Bank

                        -What disguise should you wear and why?

                        -click continue and go through activities/faces

  1. Go to:

-Human Memory; recall

-go through experiments(put volume on low, or put on headphones if you have them)

-go to explanation of experiments … look at charts and give at least three reasons why people do better on the first experiment than the others

-go to info on memory

-What is a store?  What are the three kinds?

-What is a process?  3 kinds?

-STS has how much storage/how long is it?

-Why else can you lose this info?

-How can you keep info in STM longer?

-Why would you want to do that?

-What would work better?

-What are 3 factors that affect accessing information in LTS?


4.  Go to:  http://faculty.washingtonedu/chudler/chmemory.html

-use scratch paper and take the on-line short term memory test and play the short term memory picture game

-Do the 1st Face Memory Test

-play brain concentration and then sensory concentration

-scroll down to memory methods and techniques - read through them

-list the 5 techniques and summarize what they mean (yes much of this is review)


5.   Go to

-List and Explain the 4 reasons we may “forget”


6.  Read “Use it or Lose it”  at

-What may help alzheimer’s patients?

 -Who did they study and for how long?

 -What did they find a correlation between?


7.  Go to:

-List the 7 memory techniques

-practice at least 3

8.  go to:

-play memory match

-play memory face-off