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CRHS_Health_Disease Project: Home - Teams of FIVE

Project Information

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Research Project Tasks - Team of FIVE

IntroductionYou are a group of experts that are assigned to create a Google presentation on a specific non-communicable disease with 18 slides including graphics and videos. Your presentation will involve researching your disease in depth so that you can inform your classmates. Remember the more complete and informative the presentation, the greater chance you have of saving someone’s life. Good luck!

TaskAs a team of 5 you will need to research your disease and discover the following information to include in your presentation: Everyone is responsible for slides 1, 17, &18 (captain can assign)


Slide #1 Introduction

·         Group together!

o   Title

o   first and last names of group members

o   class period

o   introduction & definition to your topic

Slides #2-16

·         The Doctor

o   Signs and Symptoms

o   Causes-Risk Factors & Hereditary?

o   Tests and Diagnosis

·         The Statistician

o   Statistics-numbers, charts, and graphs

o   Statistics-map of  U.S. prevalence

o   Interesting Facts & Information

·         The Pathologist

o   Physical Effects ON the body-daily living and what do you look like if you have it?

o   How Does It Spread IN the body-inside people

o   Effects INSIDE the body-organs, joints

·         The Pharmacist

o   Common Treatments and Surgery’s-procedures

o   Medications Used –pills, injections

o   New Developments-new technology, surgeries, medications?

·         The Preventative Medicine and Resource Specialist

o   Prevention Methods for the Disease-how do I not get it!

o   Community Resources-Champlin, Brooklyn Park help, information, and/or support. Include website, address, phone number, and services provided. 

o   National/ Minnesota Resource- Include website, address, phone number, and services provided. 


Slide #17: Bibliography - Each person moves their own websites to this page. Where did all the experts get their info?  Group together!


Slide #18: Credits-Special prevention message about the disease. Group together!

Getting Started: (Team captain should add all members of the group on AHApps & share presentation)

1)       Log into Google Docs

2)       Click on the left dropdown and choose Slides

3)       Click on Start a new presentation-Blank and choose a theme (maybe related to you topic)

4)       Click on SHARE (written in blue, top right corner) Then at the  bottom where it says add people, add all students in your group by typing in their AH Apps account (i.e. and share with

5)       Other students can now access their copy of the slides in Google and begin working on own computer.


Creativity for Project=5 points something cool to show/do related to your topic! Make it fun for us to want to listen to you!!!



Skit/role playing









Awareness Ribbons