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CRHS_English 9 Leader Research_Team: 1. Your Assignment

Understand your Responsibilities


Ask, "What's the task?  What types of information do I need?"

Think about the final product you will need to create, and consider what special requirements you need to follow! 


Task Details for Your Project

English 9B Research Essay

Prompt: Research an impactful leader in our state, country, or world (past or present).  



  1. Describe who your leader is and the details of their life

  2. Discuss what they had an impact on

  3. Explain how they created this impact


How to research:


  • Use “Gale: World History in Context” in order to find articles and information about your leader (See Tab "3. Databases" Above)
  • Use Advanced Google Search techniques to research what others have said about your leader (See Tab "3. Internet" Above)
  • Ms. Trapp's students:  Fill out a source form in your research packet for each source.
  • Annotate articles in Gale and save them to your Google Drive (See Tab "4. How to Highlight and Take Notes in Gale")
  • Do NOT begin organizing and writing your essay until you have completed extensive research


Essay Content Requirements:

  • Essay provides a full, in-depth look at who your leader was, what they had an impact on, and how they made that impact

  • At least 2-3 different credible sources are used when researching

  • At least 2-3 direct quotes from your research are included in the essay

  • Correct in-text APA citations are included for direct quotes and paraphrasing in the essay

  • References page includes correct APA citations for all research sources used in the essay

  • Grammar and spelling is accurate